Students demonstrate for their peers. 

Students demonstrate for their peers. 

The Suzuki method is a string education system based on the teachings of Shinichi Suzuki who was the motivation and founder of Talent Education in Japan in the early 1960s. His realization that all Japanese children can speak Japanese set him on course to develop one of the world's greatest methods for educating children musically. 

Ideally, children begin formal lessons with a teacher at a young age. However, students are never too old to learn. With the help of attending parents and teacher, it is believed that all children have the ability to learn to play a musical instrument to a high level of proficiency. 

Repeated daily listening to a sequential series of recordings prepares the students for their weekly private lessons and scheduled group lessons. The importance of listening to the recordings can be compared to the repetition of a child hearing their native speech being spoken by parents and loved ones.  

The Suzuki method is not intended to produce professional musicians. The intention is to help produce loving citizens who can attain a high level of skill, a loving heart, and hopefully a better life. 

SoundStrings strives to provide this sequential musical system with trained teachers who have a common goal to bring back a much loved tradition of orchestral education that once filled our schools, concert halls and homes. 

Some of the responsibilities of the parents include:

• Attendance at lessons
• Taking notes during the lessons
• Working with their children in a loving home environment on a daily basis